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Team vs Individual Registration

The cost to enter as a team or individual is the same, but running as part of a team has its benefits! Your friends and family may help boost your motivation, improve your performance and make your experience that little bit more fun on race morning!

Create a Team

To create a team, visit the registration page and follow these steps:

  1. Select the entry type, e.g. Launceston Ten Adult – Early Bird.
  2. Click ‘Create a Team’ at the pop-up box prompt.
  3. Register yourself as the Team Captain and enter the team details. Creating a team password is optional.
  1. Select ‘Pay Later’ as the payment type if you wish to process your team’s payment in one bulk. By choosing this option, you agree to the corporate team’s terms and conditions.
  1. Select ‘Create My Team’.

From here, you will be taken to the team managers TikTok dashboard. The dashboard allows you to manage your team details, so make sure you remember your email address and password to access this later.

You must now register yourself into your preferred event, by clicking the registration link in the dashboard.

To get people to join your team, don’t forget to either, share the team name and password (if applicable), or the team entry link (found in the dashboard) with your team members.

Join a Team

To join a team, at the start of the registration process you must first select an entry type. A pop-box will appear. In the pop-up box select “Join A Team”. You will need to search by team name, and enter the team password (if prompted)

Or, simply copy and paste the team entry link that your team captain may have shared with you into your browser.

If you have already registered and wish to join a team, please email us at and include your full name, bib number, the team name you would like to join and team password (if applicable) in your email.

Are you a corporate team?

If you wish to pay for your team via invoice, create your team and select ‘Pay Later’ as the payment option. By creating a corporate pay later team, you agree to the Corporate Team terms and conditions.

As the Team Captain, you must either share the team name and password or the team entry link to invite your team members. Please share this link with care, as people are able to register in your team without entering the team password.

Download the corporate team guidelines for a guide to managing your corporate team in the Dashboard.

All team members in a corporate team must be paid for by Friday, 1 June 2018 COB. A registration/entry is not confirmed unless full payment has been received. We do not reserve spots for unpaid entries.

We also offer a bulk team race bib collection during race week for teams with 10+ members. Please email us at prior to Monday 21 May 2018 to arrange this.